Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Unfortunately I decide to abandon my ebay store. I found that the fees that ebay charges along with what paypal charges it really wasn't worth my time. The straw that really broke my camels back is I got fraudulent negative feedback from a buyer after 6 years of 100% positive feedback. What I found really fishy is the buyer claimed the product was used when I knew the product was new because I bought the product in an unopened sealed package.   Another pain point for me is the seller gets no opportunity to correct the problem, even if for some odd reason the product was defective I would have gladly replaced it as I had 10 others in stock.

I'm looking at other solutions where I can sell my inventory and still make some money.  I've been looking at Bonanza.com.  I also just might create my own store since I have web development experience. 

As I gain more experience I will post those experiences here so others can learn as well! I'm sure there are lucrative opportunities out there, I just need to find them.